Working for a firm not recruited by it?

I am working for a construction company for the past few years. The company is ready to grant NOC. I have got an offer from another company but they could not issue me visa. Can I work with the new company without changing my visa? 

1 Answer

According to Article 23 of the Entry, Exit and Residence Law, no natural or legal person shall permit any expatriates who were recruited by them for employment, to be employed by any other employer or employ any person not recruited by them. Notwithstanding the above, the competent authority may authorise a recruiter to second his expatriate workers to another employer to work for a period not exceeding six months, which may be renewed for similar terms. The competent authority may also authorise any expatriate to work on a part-time basis for another employer out of his working hours, provided that the recruiter agrees thereto in writing. In any case, the approval of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs shall be required. by gulf times.