Travel time cannot be included in working hours?

We are working in a contracting company and our accommodation is far from the work site. We have to leave the camp early in the morning to reach the site and we get back late in the night. The company has agreed to pay for the overtime. But, we are spending almost 14 hours, including travel time. Can we include the travel time in calculating working hours? As per law, is it allowed to work so long hours? What is the provision in law?

1 Answer

As per Article 73 of Labour law, the maximum working hours shall be 48 hours per week at the rate 8 hours per day with the exception of the month of Ramadan when the maximum working hours shall be 36 hours per month at the rate of six hours per day. Break time shall not be taken into consideration in calculating the working hours. Any extra time should be treated as overtime and maximum work a day, including overtime, shall not exceed 10 hours. The time spent by the worker in transportation to and from the place of work and residence of the worker shall not form part of the working hours.

As per Article 74, the workers may be required to work additional hours provided that the actual working hours per day shall not exceed ten hours unless the work is necessary for the prevention of gross loss or dangerous accident or for the repair or alleviation of the consequences of the said loss or accident. by gulf times.