Gambling in company accommodation?

We have noticed gambling activities in the accommodation and we have issued warning letters to the staff who are involved in it. Again, some issues connected with gambling have been reported from the company accommodation. Being a country that follows Shariah Law, is gambling allowed in Qatar in any case? In Qatar, under which law is it punishable?

1 Answer

Gambling is any game in which the probability of gain and loss depends on the luck and not on controlled factors and each party agrees to give the amount of money, in case of loss, to the winning party. Gambling is prohibited as per Shariah Law. According to Article 275 of Qatar Penal Law, whoever gambles shall be punished with imprisonment for a term not exceeding three months and a fine not exceeding QR3,000 or both. The penalty is no more than six months in prison in addition to a fine of no more than QR6,000, or one of these two penalties if gambling occurs in a public place, is performed openly or in any place or house made for this purpose. by gulf times.