Correcting mistakes in judgement?

I have received a judgment in my favour from the criminal court discharging me from the charges. I have checked with the execution department and in their records the recent judgment did not get updated. Later I found that there are clerical errors in the judgment. So, in such case, for correcting the judgment, do I need to file a new case and will it take much time as the fi rst case?

1 Answer

According to Article 242 of Criminal Procedure Code, if a material mistake occurs in a judgment or a decision, the court which issued the judgment or decision shall undertake the correction of such a mistake automatically or upon the request of one of the litigants, after being summoned. Such mistakes do not imply the invalidity of the judgment. Correction is made without a pleading after hearing the litigants. The issued correction shall be indicated in the margin of the judgment or decision. by gulf times.