Borrower fails to repay money?

I lent money to a person and an agreement was made as a proof for the transaction. The borrower failed to repay the money as agreed. I have fi led a case before the court for recovery of money. Now the borrower submitted a document to prove that he had repaid the full amount. The document submitted was a forged one. What action can I take in such a situation? 

1 Answer

As per Article 236 of the Civil and Commercial code of procedure, the forgery may be claimed at any stage of the case by submitting a report to the offi ce of the Registry of the court that specifies all parts of the exhibit in which the alleged forgery took place and all claimed acts of forgery, otherwise the claim shall be null and void. The party who makes the claim shall notify the other party within 10 days after preparing the report by a memorandum, explaining the evidence of forgery and investigation procedures that he requires for evidence, otherwise his claim may expire. by gulf times